Email Response Management have better things to do than answer email


Does this sound like your helpdesk?

  1. Is your helpdesk email inbox  overflowing with new requests, or "follow-up" email from your clients?
  2. Do you manually "convert" email into helpdesk jobs
  3. Do you reply directly to an email without logging it into your helpdesk system, possibly because your ticketing system makes it too cumbersome or time consuming to do so?
  4. Do you use your email system as a ticketing system, forwarding email to the appropriate person?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above, then it's time to re-think the way that you handle email and the quality of service that you offer your clients.

How the HelpMaster Email Manager can help

The Email Manager is a HelpMaster module that will manage any number of email inboxes by automatically logging jobs or updating existing jobs based on incoming email.  This is particularly useful if your helpdesk or workgroup receives support requests via email.  The benefit of such a system is that not only does the job get logged, but your clients can receive a near-instant response to their support issue.  With the Email Manager, you can automatically handle all of your incoming email support requests, and provide near-instant confirmation, resolution and actions to a wide range of client issues.


We've been encouraging people to email their requests rather than phoning them in. In 2004 about 5% of requests were email. Now email requests make up just over 40% of total requests....

[The HelpMaster] Email Manager was introduced to log new jobs and update existing jobs automatically. This is doing the work of an extra staff member.

- Quote from a client using the Email Manager (excerpt from the Email Manager discussion board)



Multiple Email Inboxes?

Do you have a number of different support inboxes within your company?  The HelpMaster Email Manager can handle them all.  In fact, the Email Manager can handle an unlimited number of boxes, across many different email sources.  For example, the following email inboxes are supported.

  1. Microsoft Exchange
  2. Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express
  3. Web based email such as Google GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo + other
  4. Novell Groupwise
  5. Lotus Notes

Connect directly, or use POP3 / IMAP to access your email source. 



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